Smile Design

Lips are braced and wrinkles are prevented.
As the lips and surrounding tissues are rejuvenated,
you would not believe the changes in the eye and surrounding tissues.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How To Make Custom Smile Design?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about "Hollywood smile."  People apply to us, dentists because they do not like their smile. The latest fashion is the "Hollywood smile" design. In this model, there is symmetry in the teeth. Slightest asymmetry distorts this design. Symmetrical teeth also have harmony among themselves. The most visible teeth during the portrait smile are the two teeth in the middle. The other teeth shorten backward. That is, when we look at a person from the front, we need to clearly see that the length of the teeth shortens backward. Also, when we look at the patient from the profile, the length of the teeth shortens and extends backward.

The shape of the teeth is determined by the shape of the person’s face and lips. Individual shapes should be preferred. The thickness of the lower lip is particularly important. It gives an important idea about the width of the upper front two teeth. The shape of the teeth must have the same character as the face. The teeth of someone with an oval face should be as oval as possible. At least, triangular teeth with sharp angles should not be preferred. Or, when planning a dental aesthetic to a person with a square face, a square shape should be preferred as much as possible.

In addition to the shape of the teeth, the color of the teeth is also important. We shouldn’t always think that the white teeth are the best. The color of the tooth should be decided according to one’s skin color, sex, age, profession, and even the colors used in the makeup. The patient’s wishes and expectations are quite important in choosing the color, but the physician should also be consulted.

Protrusiveness of the teeth and teeth contour are adjusted based on whether the lips are augmented or not, the thickness, color, and shape of the lips. Sex and expectations of the patient are also of the utmost importance when adjusting the protrusiveness of the teeth.

These principles are followed when designing a "Hollywood smile."

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Currently, aesthetic Dentistry is a field that appeals to all adult people. It is extremely useful for all individuals older than 18 to get a medical examination from an aesthetic dentist. Major contributions can be made with minor touches thanks to the new applications and minimum invasive techniques in dentistry. It is quite possible to change the sense of trust and perspective of people.

The most significant medication for depression is aesthetic dentistry applications. Women generally visit their hairdressers when they feel upset, but now the new trend is visiting an aesthetic dentist. It is possible to create extreme self-confidence by cheering people up and ensuring them to like themselves through using permanent and non-surgical solutions.

The most essential part of facial aesthetics is dental aesthetics. As eyes are the most influential part of people when they meet each other for the first time, upper front teeth are the most important part to start a dialogue. All character analyzes are made based on those teeth.

What Kind of a Procedure is Bleaching?

Bleaching is applied by Two Methods:

Home Bleaching:
This is a type of bleaching that everyone can easily apply at home by placing carbamide and peroxide-based gels into the plastic mouthpieces that are specifically prepared as a result of the measurement taken from mouth. The desired bleaching is achieved in 5 to 7 days per day.

Office Bleaching:
This is a simple and painless procedure that could be executed in 1 hour at dentistry clinic. In this bleaching method, high concentration of bleaching agent is used. In this way, bleaching is quickly achieved in the color of teeth mostly in a single session. Use of high concentration does not damage teeth at all.

What Is Zirconium Implant?

What is the zirconium implant that has gained popularity with the latest developments in implant technology? Our patients frequently ask us questions such as "What is the use of zirconium implant," or "why should I prefer zirconium implant?"

The dental implant, which has been in use for nearly 50 years,  has become popular in Turkey in the 2000s. Implant treatment has contributed significantly to the prestige of dentists. This is mostly because the dentists who follow the latest technology have successfully applied this treatment. Also, in this way, dentists could distinguish themselves from dental technicians who worked illegally. In the early period, the success rate of implant treatments was slightly low. It was about 50%. There was even no information about what could happen in the long run. Over the years, it was understood that the success of implant treatments should not be considered short-term. Because, when first applied, the implant could adhere to the bone and remain in the mouth, but, in the long term, it could be separated from the bone. Sometimes, despite the adherence to the bone, fractures in the neck area of the implant began to develop.

As a result, dental implants started to be evaluated in terms of short and long term performance and stability in the mouth. Later, new zirconium implants emerged as a factor that increased success. Since zirconium is a material that is very resistant to fracture, the neck fractures that developed in the long term were removed.

Zirconium implants are especially successful when the narrow implant is used in the lower jaw where the bone is thin. The material successfully maintains its integrity for many years. No neck fracture occurs. Its compatibility with porcelain coatings is excellent. Zirconium is a tissue-friendly material, and in the long term, there is no incompatibility with the gums and bones.

For the reasons mentioned above, zirconium implants should be preferred as much as possible. Zirconium implant treatment is slightly more expensive than other implants. There are only a few manufacturers. But other brands are also working on zirconium production.

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