Implant Treatment ? Or Bridge Treatment ?

Implant Treatment ? Or Bridge Treatment ?

The most recent and healthy prothetic treatment type for treatment of missing teeth is implant procedure. As an alternative to implant procedure, bridge prothesis were frequently used in previous years however, they are not preferred in nowadays unless there is no other option. Because minimum two healthy teeth should be prepared for a bridge prothesis. The teeth located in back and front sides of the missing tooth provide support and thus missing tooth area is treated functionally.

During preparation of teeth, dental enamel is completely removed and the tissue without natural protective layer reveals. This tissue is called dentin. Dentin, is a tissue consist of nerve extents , micro level canals and it gives the yellowish color of tooth. Although it is covered with bridge prothesis, it loses it’s first day adaptation by the time due to surrounding bone loss related with over loading  and gingival recession together with it.

Te patient feels this clinical situation as sensitivity and pain. Besides, gingival recession also triggers formation of dental caries. Interdental cleaning can not be done ideally because there is no gap between the teeth of bridge prothesis for dental floss.  Those mentioned disadvantages, may lead loss of the supportive teeth by the years. Additionally, food impaction becomes frequent by the time between the bridge pontic on the missing tooth are and the gum . Because the bone under the missing tooth area continues resorption by the time. Thus, ideal treatment of missing tooth is implant procedure. Because both bone resorption of the missing tooth area will stop and adjacent teeth will be protected without any operation..

Additionally people may clean inter dental area by using floss, because the teeth were prepared one by one. Except this, every tooth subjected to it’s own load thanks to implant. Therefore, the teeth located front and back side of the implant don’t have to bear over loads brought by bridge prothesis.  This situation provides for the patient to have his/her own teeth inside the mouth in a long term period. If we compare bridge and implant treatment economically, on the first stage the patient should have more budget for implant. However it should be kept in mind that implant stays in mouth for lifelong under proper care. But ideal bridge prothesis have maximum 15 lifespan.

At the end of this period, a cost will arise again. In fact, the second cost may be much more than the cost of implant. When we consider as a whole, it means a second payment for the same area. Whereareas, in implant procedure  only a single crown on the implant can be prepared again after years. There is no need to prepare minimum 3 porcelains like bridge prothesis. As a result, when we consider in a long term period, implant treatment is more economic than bridge prothesis.

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