Oral Care During Orthodontic Treatment

During Orthodontic treatment, it is very important to provide oral hygene in terms of continuity of treatment and protecting general oral condition. Teeth and gingiva should be brushed carefully especially after breakfast and before going to bed minimum two times a day.

During Orthodontic treatment, surface areas increase so intra oral bacteria may attach and foods may accumulate therefore, cleaning all over the mouth like there is no food remnants and plaque will left, is very difficult. If your teeth and surroundings of your braces won’t be brushed well, white spots may occur on enamel surfaces and the risk of gingiva problems and bad breath will increase due to plaque accumulation around the orthodontic materials during the treatment,

If sufficient oral hygiene couldn’t be provided for patients having an ideal teeth alignment after the treatment, annoying problems may occur related with caries on teeth surfaces and gingiva problems. It will be inevitable to be treated in other dentistry departments when the enamel surface of the teeth are damaged irreversibly like formation of caries.

It is very important that the environment that tooth brushing is done should be bright. While tooth brushing, repeatedly looking teeth, between the braces and around the braces in front of the mirror will facilitate brushing for the patient. By looking carefully, it is possible to see food remnants and teeth can be cleaned detailed.

Oral hygiene can be provided in 4 stages for patients having orthodontic treatment.

First of all, all tooth surfaces should be cleaned with orthodontic tooth brush extensively as told by dentists,

At the second stage, residual remnants that tooth brush couldn’t reach should be removed with the help of interdental brush,
In the third stage, by using dental floss or preferably mouth shower, plaques remaining under gingiva should be cleaned,
In the Fourth stage, oral cleaning should be completed with mouth rinse containing fluor.

These four stages that should be performed, musn’t be considered as separately; every stage is completing each other.

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