The Reality of Amalgam Fillings

Safe Amalgam Filling Removal

Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy about whether amalgam fillings should remain in the mouth due to their mercury content. Although scientists do agree on this fact, thousands of amalgam fillers are taken out of the mouth every day. Research has shown that a significant amount of mercury vapor is generated during the process of amalgam removal, and that it creates harm to the patient, the dentist and the personnel. Amalgam fillings should therefore be taken out according to the guidelines established by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology).

However, this technique should be performed in a clinic that works respecting these rules and having the necessary equipment licensed by the IAOMT in order to insure the safety of the patient, dentist and personnel.

Dentway Dental Clinics have all the equipment and requirements specified by the IAOMT. In addition, to the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certificate, which is essential for performing these procedures in a safe environment. Our aim is to perform these procedures without harming our patients, staff and ourselves.

When your amalgam filling gets broken or a new caries (tooth decay) occurs, and if your dentist recommends its replacement, you can get your amalgam filling taken out according to world standards in our clinics. After the filling and removal process are done, the appropriate treatment (Porcelain Filling, Composite Filling, Porcelain Crown, etc.) will be determined and performed by your dentist depending on the amount of substance loss in your tooth.

If you wish, you can safely seal your teeth with temporary restoration after your amalgam filling removal process has been performed and you can have your dentist do the necessary treatment.

What is Amalgam?

Amalgam filling is consist of ; a compound of mercury and single or multiple elements ( silver, copper, stannum etc.) and it is used for filling the missing part of tooth. Amalgam fillings are long lasting and durable for long years when applied on teeth. Generally they don’t leave teeth easily, when the tooth is fractured then they break away.


What are the Characteristics of Amalgam Filling?


Rapid application convenience; Amalgam filling can be composed swiftly by combining with other materials easily.

Moisture control is not necessary on the application field; Too much drying is not required when applied on the prepared tooth in other words tooth cleaned from caries.

Acid is not used in this procedure; Acid application is not necessary during application of amalgam and this decreases sensitivity.

Durability is good; It has a long term usage and very resistant to abrasion and fractures. Does not conduct intra -oral heat too much.


It’s color is bad; Silver colored amalgam has a structure not having color match with tissue. Creates a tattoo effect inside the tooth and deteriorates the color of tooth.

Biological discrepancy with tooth; They can not bind each other with the tooth and they work as a different good material.

Mercury vapour existing it’s application; During application existing mercury vapour may be inhaled by doctor- assistant personnel – patient.

Mercury accident risk during formation of amalgam; Liquid mercury and other materials should be mixed for obtaining amalgam particle. This procedure is manual most of the time, so mercury can fall on the floor. It may transmit from the standard latex gloves to skin. It is necessary to inform local health authority in case of this type of accidents.
Especially in America, it is mandatory to solve the situation with specific rules consisting the things that you should do when a mercury thermometer or fluorescent lamp is broken in your house.

Mercury release; After application of amalgam, especially during chewing or under pressure amalgam releases mercury vapour. The exposured mercury vapour is absorbed by respiration and oral mucosa.

Removal of amalgam requires special precautions; Special precautions should be taken when removing an amalgam filling. It causes a cost and time loss.

Amalgam chopping; Amalgam is not abraded but chopping even fracturing may occur, sometimes it may break the tooth. Because it does not bind with teeth chemically.

Marginal leakage may occur with amalgam fillings; Contraction occurs during amalgam material is getting hardened in other words during chemical reaction. Due to this contraction, discrepancy occurs with the tooth and gaps are formed on the margins. By the time, secondary caries can be formed from those gaps.

What is the Situation on Earth ?

In most of the countries in Europe, there is no limitation about the application of amalgam fillings. In two countries Norway and Sweden, application of amalgam fillings are ended and banned due to having less risky alternatives. The reason for this is declared as preventing possible harms to environmental and human health.

There is no ban in America yet. However doctors don’t want to make amalgam fillings. We can say that it is generally abandoned.

A Can I Have An Amalgam Filling ?

World Health Organization don’t have a definite ban about this issue. A significant toxicity is not reported in scientific researches. However, we are not recommending amalgam fillings due to having alternative materials and even superior materials.  In previous years, it’s usage was mandatory but now there is no need for it.


Consequently, we don’t recommend you to have it…
Should I Be Removed My Amalgam Filling?

We can recommend removal if you have multiple and very big Amalgam fillings. Especially amalgam fillings without polishing may release. But if you have a small, very shiny, well polished, marginally fitting well amalgam filling then it is not necessary to remove a filling like this.

In conclusion, it should be decided as a result of examination by a dentist. However generally, big and multiple amalgam fillings should be removed under special precautions.

Above mentioned information don’t consist definite judgement due to it takes time and not easy to reveal clearly the toxicity results of those type of materials scientifically.

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