Bonding Procedure

Bonding procedures are developed for providing an aesthetic appearance by changing the color and/or shape of the tooth, or addressing a defect in an existing tooth, all without the use of drilling. These procedures are fast, aesthetically pleasing, and economical. With this treatment, fractures of forward-facing teeth and diastemas (the gaps between forward-facing teeth) can be easily corrected in just one session. Also,  teeth crown lengths can also be improved in one visit by using composite porcelain tooth filling material, aided by microfill or nanoparticles.

Most of the time, bonding can be applied totally painlessly, without using any local anesthetic. A perfect result can be obtained in as little as one hour, and the procedure will not have to be repeated for the next eight to ten years, on average.

In Which Situations Could Bonding Procedure Be Applied?

  • Since a bonding procedure is a one-session procedure, it is especially useful for patients who have limited time
  • When there are gaps between teeth, for closing the gaps
  • In cases having short tooth lengths, for lengthening crown lengths
  • For eliminating formations that are deteriorating or discoloring teeth
  • When teeth are experiencing positioning problems
  • When there is too much abrasion on teeth surfaces, for covering that abrasion
  • In cases of slight, visible tooth fractures, for restoration of the fracture


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