Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching is a method that lightens teeth by a few tones , restoring their clarity and shine.

The typical dental bleaching procedure usually takes about 40 minutes. During this procedure, the teeth rarely become sensitive. If possible, on the bleaching day, the patient should avoid brushing with toothpaste. This is advisable because the chemicals inside most toothpastes may inhibit the bleaching action. Afterwards, proper brushing with toothpaste can and should be practiced. However, the bleaching effect lasts for approximately 24 hours later the bleaching procedure, so consuming food and drink that could stain your teeth should be avoided. Excessively hot or cold food and drink should also be avoided during this period.

Sensitivity after bleaching may continue for one day. Typically, after one day, all sensitivity has disappeared, and the patient is enjoying a brighter smile. The procedure in no way harms or weakens the teeth. For people having yellowish teeth, the teeth color generally lightens more dramatically. If the color includes grey tones, the procedure may have less pronounced results.

At Dentway Dental Clinic , an improvement in brightness of tones can be achieved either in our office, or with a special kit for home use.

Bleaching Methods

Generally, dental cleaning consists of cleaning stains on the outer surface of teeth by mechanical methods. These stains could result from tea or coffee drinking, as well as smoking. Mechanical methods are very effective at removing such stains. For stains caused by genetic factors or conditions, dental bleaching is the only real solution. Different stains require different treatments for removal. Therefore, it is best to decide which type of procedure should be used after consulting with your dentist and not to use bleaching available on the market unthinkingly.

Bleaching Procedures are Applied in Two Ways

Home Bleaching:
This is a bleaching procedure that a person can apply at home easily by applying carbamide- peroxide based gels inside plastic mouth guards These guards are created after the dentist makes an impression of your teeth. The desired bleaching can be achieved in approximately five to seven days.

Office – This Bleaching:

Is a simple and painless procedure that can be applied in our dental office within an hour. High concentration bleaching agent is used for this bleaching method. Typically, just one session is needed for great results. The high concentration of bleaching agent will absolutely not harm your teeth.

How Much Brighter Will My Teeth Become?

The bleaching effect varies from person to person according to the initial tooth colors. Yellow teeth may easily whiten by 2-6 tones, but whitening of green – or grey – toned teeth teeth may be more challenging. toned teeth will be harder.

Will My Teeth Be Harmed?

Your teeth will not be harmed in any way. Only a temporary sensitivity may occur. This sensitivity may last for one day at maximum.

My Teeth Are Cracked Is Bleaching Right For Me?

Yes, bleaching procedures can be done, with careful guidance, for cracked teeth.

Is Bleaching Right for Everyone?

The procedure is not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Additionally, this procedure is not recommended for children under the age of 18.  This procedure is suitable only for those patients whose teeth have completely stopped growing.

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