Inlay – Onlay Porcelain Filling Procedure

These restorations are preferred instead of standard fillings or crowns when more than one half or side of the tooth is lost due to trauma or decay.  Because standard fillings are not robust enough for teeth having large material loss, they would not be sufficiently long-lasting in this situation. If we chose to make crowns for those teeth, unnecessarily extreme teeth preparation would be required.

However, by means of Inlay – Onlay procedures, porcelain fillings are prepared especially for the material loss occurring in the tooth. They are then cemented on the missing part of the tooth. This porcelain is aesthetically quite compatible with the tooth, is very resistant to chewing forces , and are long- lasting.

What Are The Advantages of Inlay – Onlay (PorcelainFilling) Procedures?

These filling procedures avoid the need for major crowning to occur. The porcelain material is very amenable to color-matching, and is very resistant to chewing forces. Over the years, abrasion or fracture is not typically  observed. They are aesthetically pleasing, and two sessions are generally sufficient for their application. Food remnants will not stick to them and they are hygienic due to their polished porcelain surfaces. Hot/ they are produced from porcelain.

CEREC Porcelain Inlay

Porcelain fillings produced by our 3D CEREC system are the state of the art in dental technology. They save time and discomfort. All procedures can be completed in one session. The patient does not have to return to the office, and anesthesia does not need to be administered twice. The margin of error is almost zero due to its digital accuracy. It works on the micron level of accuracy.


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