Laminated Veneers & Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Laminated Veneers are very thin, structured porcelain laminated ceramics cemented on the forward-facing surfaces of teeth. These are the surfaces framed by the lips and cheeks. Usually, they can be applied without any need for the teeth to be prepared, however sometimes they require a 0.3 mm preparation of teeth. Laminated veneers allow light to pass through them, due to being thin and not consisting of any metal.  In this manner, they seem just like natural teeth, and their aesthetic appearance is very successful. If personalized color correction and model studies are done, a totally natural appearance is assured.

Laminated Veneer Production

To start, the dentist will take detailed impressions of the patient’s teeth. With this model, imitation veneers can be applied for fit and appearance. Only after will the dentist apply the veneers intra-orally. In this way, the person can see the aesthetic result three-dimensionally before making any real-world changes to their teeth. Additionally, the models that the patient prefers can stay a inside their mouth for a few days, so the patient can try them out. Subsequently, the harmony between teeth and face is established, and fine-tuned adjustments can be made. The patient can have an aesthetic appearance in a short time period, typically around four to seven days. And while laminate veneers will definitely not fracture under normal conditions, any trauma that could damage one’s regular teeth will also damage veneers.

“At Dentway Dental Clinic, laminated porcelain veneers can be applied for everyone who wants to have a beautiful smile “

Who are Veneers Right For?

  • For people who have fractures on their forward-facing teeth
  • For people who have abraded forward-facing teeth due to various factors (hard brushing etc.),
  • For people who are not happy with their teeth color,
  • For people who have teeth crowding but don’t want to try braces
  • For people who have color changes associated with big fillings on their forward-facing teeth
  • For people who have gaps between their teeth,
  • For people who have such short tooth length that their upper teeth are not seen while they are smiling.

The Advantages of Laminated Veneer Procedures

  • They do not change color due to tea, coffee or smoking
  • They are applied without any existing tooth preparation
  • They have a natural appearance that is indistinguishable from regular teeth
  • Patients’ tongues don’t detect the veneers normally, as they are forward-facing. Therefore, adapting to them is very easy.
  • They are very resistant to abrasion. They protect teeth and prevent cavity development.

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