Smile Design

Smile design, as understood from it’s name, is a design prepared individually for a person. If smile design is not prepared for individually, then it is not possible to talk about aesthetics. At the same time, most people will have the same kind of teeth. Therefore, procedures like color selection, model study, aesthetic planning, gingiva aesthetic are prepared special for every person individually. By means of those procedures a real work of art is created and people can have their own personal smile. During those studies, our most important assistant is digital planning. Digital planning starts with photographing and then all of the patient records are transferred to digital environment.

As we stated above, smile design starts with photo shootings. These photographs provide us to analysis the situation and see all the details. Later on, dialog between the patient and doctor is required. This communication provides determination of expectations, character analysis and muscle analysis. It is not possible to talk about aesthetic design with one and the same teeth. Thus, design should be individual and a unique model should be studied. The art side of dentistry reveals itself here. When all procedures are completed, bleaching methods can also be applied.

“I Don’t Like My Smile”

In smile design, the important issue is to determine the problems that the person don’t like his/her smile and then to create a design according to this. For this purpose,  primarily a photograph of the current situation is taken and then the problems and their solutions are discussed with the person. Once aesthetic decisions are done, immediately they practiced.


First of all, this is provided on digital platform. Later on, intra- oral studies are started. Procedures are completed on teeth with the help of tooth colored paste like special materials and the design can be shown intra- orally before the permanent porcelain teeth are prepared. By this means, the harmony or discrepancy between the patient and doctor shows up. Expectations of both two sides arise. Conclusion is done by discussing over the concretized design.

Will I Have a Model Smile ?

Off course you can have. However changing only teeth is not enough. Primarily, we should tell you how this smile is. Because, models seriously study this smile. For a beautiful smile, first of all our mouth should be open so the beauty and whiteness of our upper teeth can arise. Moreover, you may position your tongue a little backwards like you have a candy on it. In the meantime, lower teeth tips display and lower lip prevents displaying of other teeth.

After completing the above mentioned model smile study successfully, the rest is up to preparation of teeth by an individual design. The rest will be very very easy after the designing procedure completed.  The important thing is preparation of this plan..

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