Zirconium Crowns

The importance of dental aesthetics is increasing day by day in dentistry, as well as in society. Thanks to new improvements in technology, aesthetic dental procedures are becoming more common. Recently, zirconium-based porcelains have risen to prominence. These new types of porcelain crowns have become preferred over the older, metal-based variety. Zirconium crowns provide a more aesthetic appearance than the older metal crowns, thanks to their ability to let light pass through them. Additionally, zirconium crowns match well with the patient’s gumline.  In contrast to metal-based crowns, they never cause disease or allergic problem with gums. In zirconium-based porcelains, zirconium–which is a white colored alloy–is used as a framework instead of metal. Zirconium-based porcelains are both natural and aesthetic for forward-facing teeth, and also durable enough for molars. Therefore, zirconium-based porcelain crowns can be used confidently for both forward-facing teeth and molars. LAVA zirconium crowns are the most reliable brand in the world today. They are associated with 3M ESPE, and are top quality. LAVA zirconium allows more aesthetic detail to be achieved, in contrast to other brands. Additionally, as a certified product, the alloy’s origin, including the mine it was produced from, can be tracked for safety. Thanks to this, it can confidently be applied intra-orally. There are various zirconium brands in Turkey and in the world. LAVA brand offers a five-year guarantee against fractures.

Why Is Zirconium Porcelain Preferred? A complete harmony with natural teeth can be achieved due to their light transmission characteristics. Thanks to this, a perfect aesthetical result can be obtained. Since it doesn’t have any metal reflection underneath, any unnatural appearance in metal based porcelains is avoided. Gum fitting is also better than classical metal based porcelains. Gum discoloration frequently observed in metal based porcelains is never observed in zirconium based porcelains. It does not create any allergic responses, as it is a 99% tissue friendly material. It has more advantages in terms of overall body health than metal-based prostheses. They conduct less heat than metal-based prostheses, because their insulating features are very good.This results in no, hot/cold sensitivity for patients. They can be safely used for molars due to their high durability, typically in the 900-1200 megapascal range. In addition to their strength, they are also delicate and aesthetic enough for light transmission. Perfect aesthetical results can be obtained in even very dark stained teeth because they have the ability to mask the underlying tooth color. They fit closely on prepared tooth surfaces due to highly accurate sensitive production procedure. Therefore, there is no gap between the gum and crown for bacterial leakage to occur. They are healthy materials and they do not cause tasting disorder, gum problems, or decay formation.

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