Flapless Implant

When and Why This Method is Preferred ?

In flapless implant surgery, gingiva is opened only for insertion of an implant by using a special device. The place is prepared inside the bone by using implant drills. Subsequently the implant is placed and implant cover is also placed in the same session and surgery is completed. After the operation bleeding, pain, swelling and infection won’t occur.  This procedure is more comfortable and simple than open surgery. It takes 5-7 minutes to place an implant.

Flapless implant, is a procedure performed by using close techniques without cutting the gingiva and exposing the bone of the implant site. It is similar with laparoscopic method that general surgeons are using. In open surgery, recovery takes more time. However, after close surgery, in other words flapless procedure , recovery is faster. There is no risk of edema and infection because body fluids are not exposed to intra oral area.

This method is preferable especially for heavy smoker patients or patients who are prone to infections.

Disadvantage of this method;

  • Previously, 3D tomography is needed. The bone should be evaluated 3 dimentionally. The place and angle of implant should be determined previously and preparations should be done by using navigation technique.
  • There is no chance to apply this technique for people having thin and irregular bone. Situations like when anatomical structures like nerves are not positionally proper, it is not possible to apply this method.

The doctor who is placing the implant should evaluate the bone and anatomical formations very well. A wrong decision may lead failure of close technique. Sometimes wrong procedure may cause permanent damages like paresthesia or sinusitis

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