Implant Brands

One of the most crucial criteria effecting success rate of implant procedures is the brand of implant. Nowadays, there are hundreds of implant brands in Turkey and in whole world. By means of new devices in implant technology, all companies start producing new brands. This situation creates serious quality differences between the brands. ITI and BRANEMARK brands are on top of the list of the world’s implant brands, and they are called as 1. Class. Especially European brands are very successfull in this market. These implant brands which can be used in every type of implant operation are also very important for post operative period.

Local production and far east originated implants also have a significant place in implant market. Therefore, you should absolutely. Implant prices are determined based on the brands. Production site and type of the brand of implant plays a major role for success rate of implant tooth procedure. Those information will be valid for many years, when you need a new crown over your implant.

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