Implant Care

There is no need any special care for dental implants. With the same manner that we are brushing our natural teeth, we should brush the implant field similarly.
The most important procedure for dental implant care is using dental floss or interdental brush. By using dental floss and interdental brush interdental areas will be cleaned and bacterial accumulation will mostly be prevented. Using mouthrinses will contribute oral hygiene. Additionally, you can provide whiter and well groomed teeth to yourself with bleaching procedures. With regular oral, implant and dental care and routine dental check ups you may use your implants safely for years.

Removal of Implants

Sometimes dental implant should be removed due to above mentioned reasons or as a result of wrong application when we thought that it can hurt the patient. Actually this procedure is more difficult than placement of an implant. Because the bone attached to implant should be cut by using special devices for removal of implant. Interfering with bone means pain and swelling. Therefore, the implants should be placed in best position and there shouldn’t be any need for removal. However, removal of implant is always possible. Dental implant can be placed into the same cavity that the old implant is removed.

Thus, the procedure is completed without any need for a second operation for the patient.

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