Pulp tissue is located inside teeth, and registers all tooth sensitivity, as from tooth decay or trauma. The cleaning of pulp tissue occurs inside the roots located in the jaw. This area is not observed intra-orally. Dentists refer to this as root canal treatment, and it is a dental specialty.

There are many variations of root structures of every tooth. There can be additional non standardized roots or canals, unique to a given patient. In the past, root canal treatment was infamous for discomfort and unreliable results. However, nowadays, very successful root canal treatment can be done thanks to new treatment.

The success of root canal treatment is absolute especially related with rotary automatic root canal devices, special devices showing the length of root, structural differences and with special root canal filling materials.  By the help of those new devices which can measure the root canal length, there is no need to take extra x-rays. The important thing is completing the treatment by knowing the possible variations and using those devices for proper situations.

If the root canal treatment is performed successfully, it may stay life long period inside the mouth. But if there are mistakes, then the risk of tooth loss is high in a short time period. Therefore, it requires a meticulous work. Usually this procedure is performed by endodontists who are root canal treatment specialists. This increases the success rate. Because the only work for those specialists are making root canal treatments.

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