Dental Cysts

Abnormal pathogenic structures that may develop on roots of teeth or any part of jaw bone are called cyst. Cyst surgery is a mandatory operation and unfortunately recovery can not be provided by using medicines. Therefore, their margins should be determined by maxillofacial surgeons and they should be removed surgically from their location.

Abnormal pathogenic structures that can develop on roots of teeth or on any part of the jaw are called cysts. Cyst surgery requires surgical intervention, as no drug-based solution is sufficient to Therefore, the extent and shape of the cyst should be determined by maxillofacial surgeons. This pre-surgery measurement will limit surgical stress and recovery time.

If dental cyst operations are not performed on time, and the cyst remains in the jaw, it could lead to serious deformations. Therefore, as soon as cysts are detected, they should be removed immediately by an oral surgeon. After the surgical operation, regular check ups are very important. Thusly, the recovery process of bone resorption caused by dental cysts should be maintained.

Some cysts are so big that they may lead to jaw fractures. Thus, oral surgeons want to detect the bone loss caused by the cyst prior to the operation. This is typically achieved by requesting volumetrical tomography. With the help of 3D tomography, the margins of jaw cysts can clearly be detected, and surgery can be performed more safely.

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