Jaw Surgery

These include bone regrowth procedures performed for treatment of tooth loss due to resorption or the jaw due to various factors. With a bone transfer procedure, a portion of bone is removed from the the jaw of the patient. Then, the healthy bone tissue is placed on the resorption or collapsed area of the jaw bone. In this procedure which is called autogenous graft, the tissue are fixed is fixed to the jaw with the help of small screws.

The reason for calling this procedure “autogenous” is that it uses the patient’s own healthy bone in treating the bone loss area. During this procedure, a foreign, or donor ,-bone graft is not used. Bone regeneration surgery is a specialized procedure practiced by highly trained maxillofacial surgeons.

In recent  years, the success rate has increased due to improvements in technology, as well as in bone augmentation procedures. This means, implant placement is a viable choice for many people.

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