Oral Cancer Surgery

Oral cancers are not one of the frequently observed cancer types. Therefore, their check ups are often neglected. However, they absolutely should not be overlooked. Especially with jaw cancers, total resection or partial resection of the jaw may be necessary. In some cases, the area affected could extend to the nose and surrounding tissues.

The success of surgical operation has a significant effect on the cancer comfort and general health of the patient’s post operative life. For this reason, it is very important to receive guidance from experienced specialists using the most modern technology, like 3D tomography and laser applications. If the operation will be performed by an ENT specialist, they should definitely consult with the dentist to prepare a strategy, and to get some help about the post operative nutrition of patient.

For patients with a cancer diagnosis, and for those patients who have undergone surgery, their functional, fonational and aesthetical assisted by reconstructive therapies. We dentists can help this process by preparing maxillofacial prostheses and epithesis appliances. In this field, Turkey is one of the leading countries.

All the removed tissue samples should be sent for pathological analysis, and necessary evaluations should be sone. This duty belongs to dentists.

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