Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

In this disease called TMJ (Temporomandibuler joint) problem, a number of procedures are recommended. First of all, the TMJ diagnosis must be confirmed by a temporomandibular joint specialist.

For diagnostic purposes, this imaging, diagnosis can be done more easily and accurately. After determining the extent of the problem , the treatment stage can be started.

Subsequently, required treatment is planned by a temporomandibular joint specialist. Temporomandibular joint treatments are long term treatments and the patient is asked to do a number of exercises daily.

Treatments of temporomandibular joint specialist include methods and procedures like wearing a night guard, arthosynthesis, TMJ mechanotherapy, and Botox. Regular follow up of the patient is very important. In some cases, teeth closure also known as occlusion should be monitored. For this purpose, sometimes existing fillings and porcelain crowns should be modified.

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