The Importance of Pedodontics and Pedodontist

In our clinics, ‘’Pedodontics” Department (Child Teeth)  protects and follows oral and dental health for babies, children and jouveniles between the age of 0-14 who are located a very important section of life in terms of growth and development that lasts from birth to puberty period.

In Pedodontics department, Pedodontists (Dentists for Children) are performing complete oral examinations and every kind of treatment and preventing procedures for all babies, children and juveniles with a psychological approach according to childrens’ physical and emotional developments.

In recent years, according to the researchs about caries frequency; it is observed that caries frequency reach 90 % in both mixed dentition period (between 7-12 ages) and in decidious dentition (between 2-6 ages). Therefore, it is very important to apply preventive procedures from caries for protecting future oral and dental health and most importantly general health of children . Pedodontists, prevent caries that have significant effects on oral and dental health and general health of children by applying those preventive procedures according to the dental development and age of the children.

Therefore, you will protect your child from dental caries  by examining your child starting from the first oral and dental examination in 1 year old and then orally and dentally checking regularly which the intervals are organised by your dentist (once in 4-6 months).

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