Preventive Procedures From Caries

The most effective method for preventing caries in children is brushing teeth regularly and properly minimum two times a day. Except this, there are some effective preventive procedures for prevention of decay development.

Young deciduous and permanent teeth are more sensitive to acid attacks. Beside, the structures of those teeth are more transmittance than adult teeth. Therefore, dental caries occur easily in children having newly erupted teeth and decays proceed faster.  Research demonstrate that, 4 of every 5 decay lesion occur on occlusal surface of posterior molar teeth. This situation is because those teeth have deep fissures on their surfaces. It is very difficult for brush bristles to reach and clean those areas.

For this purpose, ‘’Fissure Sealent’’ procedures also known as ‘Teeth Polish’ and ‘ Topical Fluoride Application’ that have a major role for prevention of caries can be applied over the surfaces that are more prone to caries . Fissure Sealents are applied only once, there is no need for repeating. However, they should be checked regularly (1 in every 6 months). In topical fluoride application applied on all teeth surfaces, should be repeated in every 4-6 months so calcium layer on the teeth will be stronger.  By this means, acid attacks to reach teeth surfaces will be prevented.

It is possible for you to protect your child consistently after the age of 3,5, from caries formation thanks to those applications which their caries preventive effects are scientifically proved and by the help of regular check ups.

The important thing is determining preventive procedures which are appropriate for own tooth structure, saliva content and nutritional habits of child and organization of regular controls also special for the child.

Fissure sealents are protecting from acid and plaque by covering deep fissures of molar teeth and thus helping preventing from caries.

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