Restorative Materials

The most important factor effecting success of the restoration is selection of proper material and thus restorative materials should be known correctly. In traditional restorative dentistry, healthy dental tissue also involved in the cavity for providing retention and stabilization of the restoration, however recently healthy tooth tissue is protected thanks to adesive dentistry procedures which are very common.

The Advantages of Adesive Restorative Materials;

  • Micro leakage on tooth- restoration junction decreases, therefore future incidance of sensitivity and pulpa complications decreases.
  • The possibility of reccurent decays decreases.
  • Discoloration on tooth and restoration junction decreases.

Dental tissue which becomes weak as a result of cleaning of caries is supported and/or protected in adesive techniques.  Addings and reparations can be done for fractured restorations in adesive dentistry.

In Aesthetic dentistry procedures, adesive techniques provide protection of healthy tooth tissue in many times. Also duration of treatment is short in these procedures.

Restorative Materials Containing Glass Ionomer;

Glass ionomer cements are chemically binding to enamel and dentin, they prevent caries formation thanks to release of fluoride. They don’t harm pulp tissue. Usually they are used as a base material under composite restorations.

Composite Restorative Materials ;

Those materials can bind with tooth tissue chemically. Their color match is very good. Their wearing resistance is similar to tooth tissue. They can be repeared, in case of fracture or new caries they can be restored without removing all material. They have a long application time because they are polimerized by a visible blue light. They provide a satisfying aesthetic appearance for children having tooth fracture on their anterior teeth until they reach to an age that they can have laminated veners.

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