Dental trauma in children is  most frequently observed in the period when they started to walk and the school period between the ages 7-10.
Especially small children between 1-3 years old have un- completed muscle control and decision ability and they move for exploring as their nature. This situation make them under the risk of trauma frequently. Research demonstrate that, individuals who are caring children all day long (mothers-fathers, people who are taking care, teachers, etc) usually have no idea about dental injuries.

Therefore, primary mission for parents and people who are taking care of children is to be prepared for dental traumas.
This preparation includes, knowing what to do in case of emergency and determining the doctor who will be get in touch. Beside, mouth guard and helmet during spor activities, belt and child seat in the car and an environment that he/she will not fall should be provided for children.  If your child is associated with a sport activity then his/her teeth should be protected with specially prepared mouth guards.

Using these mouth guards is very important especially for sports requiring close contacts like basketball, volleyball or football or sports having risk of falling like skating, gymnastic, ski etc. Those mouth guards are not only for protecting teeth, they also protect lips, cheeks and tongue from the harmful effects of trauma.

However, a protective mouth guard can show it’s effect when it is worn. Thus, children should be motivated about wearing them. The major mission is belong to mothers and fathers primarily and then teachers and sports coachs who should   follow this. If using those mouth guards will be mandatory, then every child in the team will get used to it.

Protective mouth guards can be prepared in various colors. Especially preparing mouth guards with colors of the team that the child supports or the colors that the child likes most may facilitate adaptation of the child. Mouth guards can be prepared easily by the help of an impression of the child’s mouth and doesn’t have any effect on talking. Therefore, the harmony between the children in the same team won’t be effected.

Usage of Mouth Guard is a Mandatory Only For The Sportive Children?

Some children don’t need to play sports to wear mouth guards. Especially for children whose upper teeth were positioned protrusively, who are also called slightly teethy, we recommend using mouth guards during gym class or playing with his/her friends even they are not playing any sports. Because, the anterior teeth of those children are under double risk of trauma. Dental trauma can be very important and sad effects on both deciduous and permanent dentition and it may last for years. Even a small trauma may cause life long problems for the individual. Therefore, parents should take necessary precautions against the possible dental trauma risks.

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