Gingival Recession

How Can Gingival Recession Treatment Be Applied ?

One of the gingival diseases seen in majority of the population is gingival recession. Gingival recession is exposure of root surface

sue to apposition of gingival tissue covering the bone around the tooth related with various reasons..

Gingival recession is a common that may lead aesthetical and sensitivity problems.

We Can Arrange the Causes Of Gingival Recession Like This:

  • Recession of the alveolar bone around the teeth with the advancement of gingival disease related with the microbial plaque accumulating around the teeth,
  • Possibility of gingival recession is high for teeth that are positioned more protrusive than normal ark as a result of ‘dental crowding’ which is a alignment disorder.
  • Gingival recession related with not removal of dental calculus accumulating on teeth regularly and professionally,
  • Gingival recession associated with not properly fitting with gingival margin and excessive fillings and/or prothesis,
  • ‘Gingival recession due to position of lip tie muscle which is known as ‘high frenulum attachment’ to a higher place than normal morphologically and causing movement of gingival margin,
  • Gingival recession related with aging.
  • When Gingival recession is not treated, it may advance and lead tooth loss. Preventive, maintaining and /or surgical treatments can be used for treatment of gingival recession. It is important that the patient being volunteer and treatment duration in recommended surgical treatment of gingival recession. Because surgical treatment of gingival recession may require a surgical technique with few steps.

    One of the treatment type pf gingival recession is receiving gingival tissue which is called ‘graft’ from own palatinal tissue of the patient and transferring it to the gingival recession area. The other treatment type of gingival recession is closing the exposed area with the patient’s own gingival tissue by moving the gingiva to upwards and/or to sideways. Sometimes, a combine gingival recession treatment can be done in this treatment for gingivalrecession by combining this advanced flap technique and graft receiving technique from palatinal tissue.

    In recent years, a new gingival recession technique is used for not producing a new wound for graft harvesting but also using the own tissue of the patient for gingival recession like using palatinal tissue. In this gingival recession treatment, instead of harvesting gingival tissue from palatinal area or sliding gingival tissue, the patient’s own fibrin tissue which is also called ‘PRF’ is used which is obtained from platelet cells inside the own blood of the patient. In this treatment which is called ‘PRF’, due to using the patient’s own autogenous tissue and not producing a secondary wound it’s value increases.

    If gingival recessions are derived from the factors like wrong and/or hard brushing habits, grinding and/or clenching of teeth, preventive treatment methods are recommended to eliminate this factors. Teaching correct brushing technique, recommending tooth pastes against sensitivity, inhibiting the damage related with teeth grinding and/or clenching by preparing a personal nightguard for removing the trauma around teeth and gingiva are  among the preventive treatment of gingival recession.  If gingival recession occurs related with alignment problems of teeth, making teeth alignment ideal with orthodontic treatment before using a surgical technique for treatment of gingival recession, can provide recovery of gingival tissue in most of the time. After orthodontic treatment, if there is still a remaining gingival recession then the amount of recession is measured again and the situation is evaluated in terms of surgical treatment need and then the treatment is planned ..

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