Removal of Dental Calculus

Dental calculus around the teeth should be cleaned by dentists in 6 months periods. This cleaning procedure don’t have any harm for teeth. On the contrary, removal of dental calculus is very

important for gingival health. With the help of this cleaning procedure, blood flow around the bone and gingiva return to normal and stays as a healthy tissue. By removal of calculus, the attachment between tooth and gingiva disappears. Gingiva tissue moves away from tooth due to removal of calculus between them. In the first 48 hours, gingiva starts to attach on the root surface of the tooth again. It takes 21 days to become a healthy and tight. During this 3 week period, teeth can be very sensitive to heat. Hot and cold sensitivity disappears in 3 weeks period. In this period, tongue and lips try to adapt this new condition.

After Dental Calculus Removal;

Bleeding is normal in the first 48 hours but this is not an obstacle for brushing. Thus, tooth brushing shouldn’t be ceased. Dental floss usage is very important. Because using it will be more comfortable due to removal of dental calculus and the distance between the teeth.

Tooth pastes with fluoride or zinc, or mouth rinses should be used after cleaning.

Spicy foods should be stay away after dental calculus removal..

Over pressure shouldn’t be applied during brushing and for 2 minutes circular movements should be done for brushing.

After dental cleaning, all the calculus and stains will be cleaned on teeth surfaces. Tooth color will be brighter according to usage of stainer materials like tea- coffee- smoking etc.  The main color of teeth appears. When a smallest stain starts to occur, people immediately notice this stain. It is like a drop of stain over a white shirt. Therefore, stain accumulation is not noticable for people having too much calculus, but after dental cleaning small stains can be noticed easily. Thus the hypothesis ‘ staining is faster for teeth dental calculus is cleaned’ is created. This totally wrong.

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