What are The Causes of Bad Breath ?

The major reason of Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is teeth and gums. The ratio of intra- oral origin is approximately 90%. The other reasons are originated from tonsillitis (tonsil), gastrointestinal system and urinary system. Therefore, when we have bad breath the first thing we should do should be visiting a dentist.

Well, you visited a dentist; you may ask what will happen next.

First of all your dentist will examine inside your mouth completely. He/She will make a comment about the existing condition of your teeth and gingiva. In this situation, gingiva has the priority. Gingival bleedings or edemas are the major causes of bad breath. Because when blood remains on the bleeding area, immediately it starts spreading bad smell.

What Could Be The Causes Of Bad Breath ?

Dental calculus; in other words bacterial plaque may cause bad breath. Because each bacterial plaque consists billions of bacteria. Those bacteria cause bad breath directly and also it may lead bad breath via small bleeding areas on gingiva.

Dental problems related bad breath consist of poor contacts of adjacent teeth or irregular contact points. Foods remain between the teeth and start to decompose. Gas releasing bacteria occur by decomposition of those foods and bad smell is originated from those gases. Therefore, if bad smell is starting 2-3 hours later from eating then possibly there is a contact problem.

Dental caries are one of the causes of bad breath. Because some kind of bacteria in caries may spread bad smell.

Wisdom teeth may also lead bad breath. Brushing may be difficult due to the positions of wisdom teeth. Bacterial plaque and caries may occur on them. Besides, foods can be impacted between wisdom tooth and the adjacent tooth. Therefore, halitosis can be smelled.

Dental crowding may lead bad breath. Because in case of dental crowding, cleaning and care of teeth and gums becomes harder. Thus, food remnants and dental calculus may also cause bad breath.

The best way for getting rid of bad breath is eliminating all the dental problems primarily. Our dental and gingival health should be superior. Once those conditions are provided, then the other issues should be investigated. Dental cleanings and dental check-ups once in every six months may prevent bad smell.

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